Poetry to Touch Your Soul & Open Your Beautiful Heart

One of the joys of language is that it can be so uplifting. It's why the choice and intonation of our speech is so powerful. Our speech, our words, can be healing or non-healing or just plain babble! Here is this issue's selection of poems that I have written that, in part, express the different stages of our healing travels through our beautiful lives. For even when in frustration and despair, the beauty of our deep knowing, of our love, of how much we are loved can be brought forth to be remembered and experienced anew, and thus open your heart a little more, a little more, a little more.
(Audio reading of both poems below)

These poems have been written to be heard by your heart, your body, your soul, so that even if you are not immediately clear of what is sometimes meant by these words and their structure, know that your heart, body and soul hears and feels the healing power and joyousness of these words.

You may wish to speak them out loud, or listen to me read them (see below), and hear the resonance and feel the vibration of beautiful, healing truth.

(These poems also appear at the end of each chapter of 'How to Live as Your Soul' and
'The 12 Relationships of Your Soul').

From my heart and soul to yours, here is a first step along your beautiful way

Rarely in life do we meet our match,
One who knows how, our heart to unlatch,
Releasing the best, revealing the worst,
Taking us back to the time when we first,
Drew breath, Saw light, Felt touch.

And when we do, are we ever aware,
That along with the joy, there is pain brought to bear.
Yet, learning is healing, knowledge brings strength,
Time does not matter, for it's not the length,
'Tis love, 'Tis love, 'Tis love.

As we are growing and understand why,
Our feelings, and thoughts and desires do not lie,
Let's find the courage, acknowledge and say,
For truth will always unveil the best way,
To live, To love, To be.
Kim Hutchison 1995

And here is the poetic form of Living As Your Soul


As you awaken and stretch out from your slumber, so a glimpse of love so dazzling you remember,
As you remember that you are this dazzling love, so you become freed from the need to seek this love,

As you are freed from the need to seek love for your self, so you can be your love of everyone else,
As you become your love of everyone else, so your body's core opens and your carapace melts,

As your body is brought home into gentleness, so comes your courage, your strength, how beloved, not less,
As you come into love with your body, so you come into grace and are guided by your body,

As your faith in your body shining you find, so you open only to love, your beautiful mind,
As your mind only to love becomes open, so your attachments to your neediness are broken,

As your attachments no longer born are thus without seed, so into form divine does your will cede,
As your will becomes a stream of divine enchantment, so, of your soul comes you, its embodiment,

You are Living as Your Soul,
You are Loving as a God,
You stand in the invincible courage that is your compassion,
You breathe in the serenity that is your unalloyed joy,
You breathe out the essence of divine creation,
You become form of love and feeling of knowing,
You become who you truly are,
And have always been formed to be.

Kim Hutchison May 2014

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Written by Kim Hutchison, Monday April 27th, 2015