A Brief History of My Time

Born at the end of 1958, Kim was one of the first of the new Teacher Healers. A creator & pioneer of new understandings of healing and soul consciousness, using her unique set of attributes to assist in the
speedy remembrance of who we really are and how to
become our own teacher/healers.
Kim created in 2001 the Trans Form the profound, spontaneous cellular and life experience healing and introduced a new method of Energy Healing
into her metaphysical healing practice.
At the end of December 2012 Kim began to connect with the source of the energies of the new human consciousness that were about to be made available for us all to live in the power and love of our soul consciousness (see article and book The 12 Relationships of Your Soul).
And for which this site, this place of love and healing, is named.

From a very early age, children and adults opened up to Kim. They told her their problems, worries, hopes and fears about everything from sexual abuse to the best approach to take in a relationship to what would be the best horse to back in a given race (she once won her father a serious amount of cash in an 'Accumulator' of 6 horse races!) Given that this began when she was 6 years old, and even when only 11 years old she was advising on very serious problems, it would be natural to assume that Kim was clear about her path in life, and yet she felt utterly at sea, taking her Self deep within (as she now realises), to find some sanctuary from all the energy information and other peoples' feelings and anxieties that she was picking up. She also thought that as this level of connection was completely normal that she must be failing somehow because she couldn't get others to understand some of what she was talking about.

Kim didn't see her unusual qualities and abilities as being anything out of the ordinary. A very challenging childhood (profound psychological and physical abuse and neglect), severely limited Kim's self-belief and worth. Whilst she felt at her core that these experiences were not her fault, all her experiential evidence pointed to the contrary!

By the time she was in her early twenties, and having set up her first business, it became obvious that Kim had considerable energy healing abilities as well. A boyfriend returned from a skiing trip with a bandaged ankle, Kim placed her hands on the ankle to comfort and console and then went to make a cup of tea. When she returned her boyfriend was walking normally and without pain. This freaked Kim out, how was this going to play with her business ambitions and hectic social life?

Then, in her early 30's, she found herself being asked for healing from friends, and then friends of those friends. Proving that old adage that what you are is printed on your forehead, so that others see it before you do. And it was at this time that an experience of healing with a young woman whose lower vertebrae were failing, leaving her unable to walk, sparked an intense interest to reflect deep within herself to better understand the nature of energy and healing. After the healing, this lovely girl was walking, and astonished at what had happened (Kim was a bit astonished too!). Cue two weeks later and Kim returned to find that she was flat on her back again. Kim began to talk with her and it became clear that a massive power struggle between her and her father, was at the heart of her decision to dis-engage from the world.

The results of these increasing experiences of helping others to heal their minds so that their bodies could fully receive the energy healing (whenever Kim could feel their unconscious resistance to receive, she would just place her hands on their heads and 'zap' their minds free) was the creation of the remarkable Trans Form Healing in 2001.

Kim's challenges were by no means over as she reached maturity. In 1994 she was bedridden, immobile and in constant back and neck pain, sleepless for 6 days and 7 nights. She realised later that this was her Kundalini energy rising and noticed her increased powers of energy healing, clairvoyance, and communication with those energies not present on this planet and the increased numbers of people requesting her help. Her grooming as a spiritual leader was continuing in earnest.

Three years later a 'chance' meeting helped her to accept and trust the extent of her psychic and clairvoyant abilities. At a wedding she was approached by an unknown woman who relayed her worries about her missing daughter. Kim 'saw' what had happened, a kidnapping, the precise details and conditions in which she was being held, and the likely outcome. She read about the accuracy of her account when reading the story of the daughter's eventual release in the national press.

By the age of 38, Kim was finding it very difficult to support herself financially. The only work she could get was for industries that, in all faith, she could no longer contribute to. She had already begun the process of surrendering her will and it seemed clear that the cosmos was insisting upon her complete surrender! So she took herself into the heart of the cosmos and laid her heart of service within it. Circumstances changed dramatically. Within days she was gifted a sum of money and became pregnant. Kim had only just begun to see the father, so it was certainly a surprise! And she then understood that this young male face who had been present in her meditations was not in fact that of her new boyfriend, but that of her son.

Aged 40, after a 3 and a half hour labour, Kim gave birth. The midwife was pretty stunned and asked her if she had taken raspberry leaf tea! Actually she had been using natural remedies and food as medicine for years and that, coupled with her spiritual and healing awareness and practice defied all the odds, and a scary prognosis by the medical team who had insisted that her baby should be induced due to 'potential risks of placental damage'. Kim refused, choosing instead to trust the communication she had engaged in with her child throughout her pregnancy that had told her he was completely content, was true and accurate. The lovely midwife had tears in her eyes when she showed her the placenta saying, 'look Kim, it's perfect.' The whole experience greatly empowered Kim's faith in what she knew and could 'see'. It was her (re) birth too.

18 months later, Kim created and put on the Help Yourself to Healing Symposium in the Oxford University Debating Chamber which effectively launched her as a burgeoning authority of health, healing, spirituality and consciousness. Her life became filled with serendipity. She watched her son, her teaching & healing practice and her Self go from strength to strength. Kim was published in many health and healing magazines, was included in 'The Evidence for the 6th Sense', by Hazel Courtenay, and appeared on BBC radio programmes such as 'Case Notes' and 'Whatever Gets You Through' and was also quoted by Anna Ford in her programme series, 'The Other Medicine'. And has more recently been interviewed several times on the Richie Allen Show.

For 7 years she practiced in Welbeck Street, London W1 and then in Thame, Oxfordshire (where she lived), and developed and taught workshops and courses.

Now living in Germany with her son, she provides Personal Healing Consultations & has created a website, Online Masterclasses and Retreats to extend the availability of all that she has come here to be of service for and to. Kim also offers Soul Success Healing Masterclasses to live groups upon request. Click here to book a Soul Success Masterclass.

Kim feels that seeing, knowing, feeling the enormity of how profoundly you are loved by the cosmos, of how much love you already are, of how much love you actually have for others and of how much love others have for you, is the essence of all healing and spiritual awareness. Which then leads us into fulfilling our sacred commission: to heal, empower and inspire ourselves, our communities and our world, and thus, make our difference.

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