Healing Retreats

Healing Retreats

Seven Day Residential Retreat in Crete, Greece
How to Let Your Soul Lead Your Life & Make the Profound a Practical Reality in Your Life
To Create Your Heaven On Earth

This unique, powerful & lovefull healing journey through your soul takes you back into the profound essence of love that you have always been, to become your own teacher, healer, relationship 'expert' and guide
through a life of joy given & received.

A guide through the ages of time encompassing all known and unknown wisdom and healing . From the ancient to the pre-ancient, from cleansing through the fire of releasing burdens, to the pool of cooling cleansing, to the air of regaining freedom, to the rocks of surmounting challenges, into the re-freshing rain of rebirth and into the warm sun of infinite love, you will be guided over your own bridge of faith, from the edge of unknown into the void of all there is, to emerge as the living embodiment of 'as above, so below'.

This is a healing journey filled with life-giving laughter. This is a healing journey for those who desire to reclaim and re-experience the powerful gentleness of their compassion, which is the true nature of their courage. Fortitude is the sister of compassion, and daring the brother. As you are lovingly guided into surrendering your will of 'I want', you will meet your Self as the liberation of becoming your own 'parents', your own 'god' and thus move with the power of the cosmos.

My part is to create for you a space of loving power, profound wisdom, nurturing compassion and joyous celebration, from where you will be guided and lovingly supported to divest your Self of all that no longer serves you to reveal the shining presence of your majestic love, to reveal the majestic love that you have for the all, everyone and everything and the majestic love that the all, everyone and everything has for you. This is power, this is healing, this is creation, this is what you are here to remember, to be, to experience.

Next available Retreats are in: April, May, June, August & September 2021. To Book, please use the form below.
Days one and eight are traveling days. On the six days in between you will experience and receive

- two personal healings with Kim, to include Trans Form, energy healing and energy reading of where, what, why and how best serves you, your relationships and your life.

- guidance, healing & teaching on which of the 4 Healing Embodiments you are so that you can 'prescribe' the best healing foods, remedies and lifestyle for your optimum healing and joy

- guidance, healing & teaching on your own Healing Response so that you can take loving charge and care of your Self in all your relationships

- guidance, healing & teaching on spiritual and metaphysical leadership and healing, for you to become your own leader, your own master of your life, love and healing.

- guidance, healing & teaching on embodying the 12 Relationships of Your Soul to expand your healing & creation power

- guidance, healing & teaching on understanding & embracing the inherent qualities of your body's Addiction Type

- guidance, healing & teaching on Timeless Energy Healing for profound physical & feeling healing and for you to become your own healer and to help heal others

- guidance, healing & teaching on Past Lives Healing for the profound healing of your current life experience

- guidance, healing & teaching on your Path & Purpose as an accumulation of the wisdom gained from your previous life experiences

- guidance, healing & teaching on The 12 Expressions Yoga, a new form of yoga (union of soul, body, mind) to align your body with its most powerfully healing connection with your soul

- guidance, healing & teaching on The 12 Healing Sounds, to incorporate the embodiment of the 12 relationships of your soul to manifest your New Human Form

- guidance, healing & teaching on your 12 Fulcrums (energy centres) to bring you into your serenity of balance, the balance of being here on this Earth and at the same time being in and of the cosmos

- guidance, healing & teaching on how to release your judgements of others, or situations, of your experiences and step into your power of your love

- guidance, healing & teaching on connecting with your own Guides & Helpers, here to be called upon by you from; your ancient and ancestral family lines, & your celestial home

- guidance, healing & teaching on your 'Place of Healing' meditation for you to go straight to the source of all that is and live every day in wisdom anew and renewed

- guidance, healing & teaching on how to be in this world yet not of it, The Power of your Chiron Return - how to harness the healing, lovefull power of your environment and so avoid getting caught up in the non healing, non-lovefull energy of another and of others' control mechanisms

A Typical Day's Healing Itinerary:

Upon arrival, you will be welcomed and receive a personal diagnosis of your body, personality and healing types and your individual healing foods and drinks will be assessed for your stay with us.

6.00am: Arise with healing water

6.30am: With Kim & Susie, Receive Morning Blessing, Welcome the day with: Sun Salutation, The 12 Sounds of Healing, Place of healing guided healing & revealing meditation, 12 Expressions Yoga

8.00am: All together for our break-the-fast with your own personally prescribed power packed healing drink smoothie to receive, release, cleanse & restore

9.00am: Morning teaching guidance & participation with Kim. For example, Timeless Energy Healing

10.00am: Personal healing sessions with Kim OR group experience with Susie, For Example; receiving and giving healing as learnt from previous evenings teaching, 'Walk & Talk' in the mountains

12.30am: All together for our healing and restorative lunch prepared from local organic produce, including delicious vegan delicacies and vegetarian protein power

2.00pm: Personal healing sessions with Kim OR group experience with Susie, for example; Picturing your healing feelings, Diva, Dervish Dancing to free your mind & body

4.30pm: The Sound of Silence, a contemplative, free time, space for note taking and opening up to receive the wisdom and healing received that day. Kim & Susie present for assistance if and when required

5.30pm: Leadership Learning, each day 2 participants lead the group and share their inherent knowledge and their wisdom received that day. Kim & Susie facilitate

6.30pm: Loving, healing dinner of local, organic produce and delicacies, vegan and vegetarian. A time to share, contemplate and laugh some more

7.30pm: Evening teaching, guidance & participation with Kim. For example, The healing power of your past lives, Receiving & practicing clairvoyance, clairaudience, connecting with & receiving from other dimensions

9.00pm: Contemplative time to take a gentle stroll, make notes and prepare for healing restorative sleep

10.00pm: Evening healing tea and Good Night Blessing with Kim & Susie

10.15 - 10.30pm: Retire for restorative sleep

The last day (8th) will be of celebration & guidance for continuing to be Living As Your Soul. As the serendipity of synchronicity enters into and becomes a guiding light of your life, as you move into the power of Your Love Pattern of Reality, the guidance of and from your soul, you have surrendered your will and become as one with the power of the cosmos.

Places are limited to 10 participants so that all can receive personal loving attention. Susie has been trained by and worked with me for the last 10 years.

The Cost of £2,400 is inclusive of all except for flights and transfers. Installment payments can be arranged.

BOOKING: To receive booking details, please provide your name and email address below. If you have any questions please use the comment box below.

We so look forward to hearing from you, to welcoming you,

With much love,

PS You may wish to read or listen to the How To Live As Your Soul Poem to give you a poetic insight and description into the healing journey travelled in this retreat see Poetic Healing, or be guided through the Opening Your Heart Healing Meditation or to read others' experiences of healing with Kim.