Experiences of Healing With Kim

In Workshops, Retreats and Consultations, Kim has helped many people over the last 20 years to 'remember' who they really are and how to bring themselves, their relationships, their purpose and their lives into their power, how to master their power of love and healing.

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"Kim has masterfully supported me balance the (sometimes frantic) "wheel" spinning in my head and guided me back in touch with my true self. This journey has been filled with insights, awareness, tears, fun and laughter and is in itself an enduring gift. I highly recommend you put yourself in Kim's hands and allow her to lead you back to yourself. I guarantee that along the way you will rediscover nuggets long forgotten and learn life skills you can rely on."

Des, Cape Town, South Africa

"This course of workshops uncovered my illusions (delusions!) of myself. I can now see what has prevented me from living in 'technicolour'. This has been an extraordinary journey of realisation, of truth and love, who I am as opposed to who I'm supposed to be.

I would recommend this to anyone feeling not themselves, or anyone wanting more out of life, love or relationships." Thank you Kim.

Karen Thomas, Buckingham, England

"So many inspirations and profound understandings. It's not just that I feel so much better, I feel brand new, enlightened, lighter, bigger. When I look at my face I can see that I'm in love. Even my voice has changed and my body is so much more limber and strong, it feels like I could run up a mountain without tiring. My family have really noticed the difference in me. Thank you so much Kim."

Fran, Gloucester, England

"An indescribable journey and realisation of truth and love. I am feeling different and being different. This is exactly what I wanted from the Workshops. Thanks Kim."

Becca Thomas, Reading, England

"I had been to counselling before, but there was something about Kim that was totally unique. Her incredible empathy and insight helped me to tune into my own power. My relationships with my family, friends and work colleagues are totally transformed, for the first time in my life I feel totally free. I am able to get closer to people and experience the joy of real intimacy. The gratitude I feel towards you Kim is so immense I cannot put it into words."

Sue, Palo Alto, USA

"I never realised life could be this much fun. This is exactly what I wanted from these workshops. Thanks Kim. And I never knew I could laugh this much! You have a way of making us see how big and important we are and how being the love that I am is important to the world. I feel I have a purpose, a real spiritual purpose. Thank you."

Carole, Berkshire, England

"Kim, being around you is like being in a safe, loving hug. Your actions and words are so full of love, thank you for being you. You have enriched me, nurtured me and brought so much deep love, laughter and joy to all of us. I will always treasure this time spent with you."

Kay, Buckinghamshire, England

"Lots of 'aha' moments, being held by others, laughter and tears. A fresh, uplifting perspective. Thank you so much Kim. Bless you."

Cheryl, Oxfordshire, England

"Having attended Kim's workshops over the last 10 years or more, it is a continual surprise how she manages to take me even deeper into my reason for being. I think of it as my own internal jungle, with Kim showing me where the paths are. Kim has also taught me her form of energy healing which I practiced the other day on my wife, and again got to know how powerful and loving this healing is. You have had a huge impact on my life, and on those around me. A deep thank you Kim."

John Hartshorne, Portsmouth, England

" I had been bleeding excessively for several weeks and it was causing me much distress and exhaustion. I had been to doctors and gynaecologists but none of them were able to resolve the problem, but you did. With your help I was able to understand exactly what my body was telling me. It is a gift to be able to know what your body is communicating to you.

In the energy healing session, you guided me to understand that there was an ongoing problem with my mother. Once I had spoken with my mother’s energy, and heard what I needed to hear from her, I felt safe and secure for the first time ever. I felt much happier and able to cope.

My left ovary had a cyst and the energy was seriously depleted which mirrored the way I felt in my energy. You guided me to hear my body say to get back to nature, garden, be quiet and meditate to replenish the lost energy that I was spending on being busy with everyone else and not myself. I was told, “If you don’t do this, I will be back”. The message was clear and the sensation of relief was astounding. I could feel the cyst shrinking and the pain was gone.

I want to thank you Kim as you got to the depths of the issue that has resulted in a normal period just four days after the healing. I have remained regular and had normal periods since and my relationship with my mother has improved greatly. A truly beautiful and rewarding experience. Thank you."

Fiona Robertson, Biarittz, France

"Kim guided me to resolve and heal a very difficult working relationship with my manager at work. The situation was so bad that I was close to leaving to get away from her!

What Kim helped me to connect with was that we shared a Healing Response. My manager was 'crushing' me and I felt 'crushed' because ultimately we were of the same Response type and had shared a similar experience of being crushed by our mothers growing up. Kim helped me to see that we were both acting out the roles of 'crusher' and 'crushee' and that I was being given an opportunity to bring this to healing.

As soon as I connected with my own experience and then with my manager's similar experience of being criticised by her mother, I was able to empathise with her for the first time. Knowing how much she needed to achieve in order to satisfy her mother's constant criticism, helped me to see that she was in fact very sensitive to others' judgements of her, which she read as being crushed. Once I allowed myself to change from victim to empathic friend, my whole view of her shifted.

Remarkably, as soon as my energy changed, so too her energy relaxed towards me - I realised she was receiving healing too! Instead of feeling resentment (another form of 'criticism') from me, she felt love and empathy and this completely transformed our relationship. I noticed that she stopped trying to bully or push me but instead opened up to me about issues she was facing. This in turn helped her to see the gifts that I was able to bring to the workplace and for the first time she was able to recognise the contribution I was making to the team. Interestingly, after this breakthrough, we both moved on taking with us a great connection and a feeling that we'd really bonded. This was incredibly powerful and has given me the courage to know that whatever difficult relationships I encounter in the future, there is a gift in there for both of us, and an opportunity to turn the relationship around. Thank you so much Kim"

Susie, Geneva, Switzerland