The 12 Healing Sounds & Meditation CD'S

The 12 Healing Sounds & Meditation CD'S

These CD'S contain your healing and creation keys to
take you to your own unique place of healing within the cosmos,
which is the source of the unique energy vibration of your body,
and restore you to the power of your soul
& into the new human consciousness.

These 12 Healing Sounds of Creation are quite literally the vibrations of energy that have created your body, your presence here on this Earth. Without these vibrations you would exist only as your soul. These 12 Sacred Healing Sounds have come from your soul and are, of course, a part of the vibration patterns of the cosmos, which is why they are so uniquely powerful and will consciously connect you to your soul.
The 12 Healing Meditations of Creation have been created to support and
expand within you and your life this new healing and creative power.

The 12 Healing Sounds

We are all here to be living in the power and love of our souls. What this actually means is that your presence here on this Earth expands to encompass and embrace the memory of your soul. This, in turn, means that your cellular vibration (the drum beat of your life) expands to ‘remember’ wisdom once forgotten and so extend your powers of healing and creation. As Sufi teachings state, "Before its incarnation the soul is sound". These are those sounds.

Making a regular (daily) practice of these new Healing Sounds of your creation will open up and expand your awareness and understanding of your Self, your healing opportunities and your feelings and behaviours. This will bring your memory (and thus your DNA) into healing, into your Love Pattern of Reality, which, in turn, helps you to easily and naturally be of your love to and with others, and with your Self. This is the ultimate in all forms of healing.

Beginning or ending the day with The 12 Healing Sounds of your creation leaves you with more energy, tranquillity, strength and ease – and are a great way to begin your meditation practice. My students tell me how easy it is to fit the Sounds into their daily routine. Once mastered you can play the CD/MP3 whilst in the car, in the bath (I often do them in the shower), in bed or even when cooking. This last is a brilliant idea as all your food then becomes infused with this powerful healing energy.

On the CD/MP3 you are guided:
- step by step through each of the 12 sounds of your Receivers, (your energy centres).
- on how to breathe and make each sound correctly & powerfully
- into a place of deep relaxation before making the sounds
- on where and how to feel the sounds and their healing vibration colour in your body

As you master the sounds you can go straight to the 12 Sounds track and enjoy the extra power of making your sounds with another voice (mine!)
Or you can always just lie back and let the power of these healing sounds wash through you.

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The 12 Healing Sounds

The 12 Healing Meditations

These powerful healing meditations take you into the state of the profound love of your soul. When you are in this profound state of love, healing and joy then you can feel/see/sense/know the answers to your questions and to your desires and so experience the profound understandings necessary for you to become your own healer, your own teacher of your life. And because these meditations bring your cellular vibration into your Love Pattern of Reality, spontaneous healing can and often occurs.

You will experience the release of stress induced tension from your mind and body and find it easier to respond with serenity rather than irritation. You will notice that you are better able to receive and give love because you are better able to be of your love. Just imagine how you would experience your life if you felt loved, safe, joy.
The 12 Healing Meditations follow on from each other to create a powerful healing journey, your journey of love, your journey of the love of your soul.

On the CD/MP3 you are guided:
- step by step into your Place of Healing and through each Healing Meditation. (obviously not all at once!)
- on how to breathe into your body
- to write down your experience of your healing meditation, to create your own healing and wisdom book
- back into your body to realise and experience for your Self the healing that has been created in your body and mind. This also completes the soul-body-mind-body circle of healing creation.
- on how to continue your healing meditation practice for your Self, so that you can continue to easily and effortlessly connect with your Place of Healing, anytime, any place, anywhere!

My suggestion is that you repeat each meditation for 12 days (or for as long as your soul desires!) before you begin the next one. These are very powerful as you will experience for your Self, so step by step will give you your best results and experiences.

Hear the 1st Healing Meditation Opening Your Heart

(Remember meditation simply means 'to go to the centre'. In other words, to the source of everything that is you, of the everything that is the cosmos - which is actually the same thing. Meditation also means to mediate. The mediation between your mind and body. As your body is your Earthly manifestation of your soul, the mediation becomes that of between your mind and your soul, the mediation between, 'I want to have, be, do this now' and 'Actually what you desire is this, when it's ready, and this is how you can prepare your Self to receive it'. It's like a mediation between the needy child and the gracious grown-up!)

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The 12 Healing Meditations