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Here you will find one or two delicious drops for your delectation every month. From Aromatherapy to Zucchini, for every part of your body, to nourish, support and delight your senses and your soul.
Part 1. Face Magic Mix

The travels and travails of my life have led me to enjoying and experimenting with my deeper knowledge of earthly as well as spiritual nurturing. This is what works.

Before we begin with this issue's selection, let's remember:

The 4 Golden Energies of Imbibing (eating, drinking & applying).

1. Whatever you put into and on to your body has its own energy. Connect with it, feel or sense or know or see it (see How To Get Back Into Your Body).

2. Acknowledge and appreciate the benefits, the gifts that this energy is offering to you. Eg; “Thank you for all your yumminess and benefits, I am most happily receiving all your gorgeous gifts."

3. Consciously receive these gifts and benefits into every cell of your being (see How To Get Back Into Your Body). Breathe into your belly as you eat, drink, apply.

4. Feel or sense or know or see the glory of your beautiful, magnificent body as you eat, drink, apply. As you increasingly receive and enjoy, any tightness and constriction will enter into openness and joy.

So, let's start with the part of you that is most often criticized by you and yet is the most visible part of you, the part that you present to the world, your loving, beautiful face. This recipe will uplift your sense of wellbeing, support collagen production, reduce congestion and puffiness and immediately soothe fine lines and smooth your beautiful skin.

One caveat here: It is recommended by Aromatherapists not to use neat essential oils on the skin, so please do a patch test on your lower back cheek to assess your own skin's sensitivity, and always 'start small'. If your skin proves too sensitive (eg for those with thinner skin or very fair skin) then you can use this recipe mixed with some (sweet) almond oil, or jojoba oil and apply at night, to receive all the benefits of this mix (always giving the eye area a wide berth!).

Face Magic Mix
Ingredients: Always use organic oils if available – better for you, the growers and our beautiful Earth
In a 50 ml bottle (with dropper insert) add the following essential oils:
20mls of Geranium
10mls of Frankincense
10mls of Ylang Ylang
5mls of Sandalwood
These are the fundamental components.
You can also add 4mls of Rose (or Rosewood) and a few drops of (the heinously expensive!) Neroli.
Shake gently with love.

Prepare a clean soft white face flannel by rinsing a corner of it in hot water – not boiling hot and not just warm, just a temperature in between. Using white flannels has two important advantages; 1. you don't want commercial dyes anywhere near your face! 2. it's much easier to see which part of the flannel you have already used. Also know that there is a slight discolouration after washing the flannel and that after washing you can still detect a faint aroma of the oils – which I love, so I would suggest that you buy some flannels specifically for the healing of your beautiful face and, of course, wash them in 'environmentally friendly', products before first using them. Again, you don't want harsh detergent chemicals near your beautiful face!

Shake your Face Magic Mix gently, and apply (with love), two to four drops on the rinsed part of the flannel and immediately apply to your face in gentle upward blotting sweeps. (remember not to pull or drag your skin, you are feeding your skin).
Begin with the area of your face that would most like to receive beautiful healing.
And then apply to your neck and décolleté.
I also gently press the flannel under the bones of my face to help release congestion: the hairline, the brow bone, under the orbital bone of the eye socket, under the cheekbone and along the jaw. Please be very careful not to get the oils close to your eyes.
You will notice a magical smoothing of your skin.
Wait for at least 5mins (10mins is better) before you apply your chemical-free moisturizer to your beautiful face, neck and décolleté (I use this time to select my clothes for the day, brush my hair etc and apply moisturizer to my neck and décolleté, get dressed and then apply moisturizer to my face).
You can gradually increase the amount to 8 drops.
Please use a different part of the flannel for each application and change regularly. Before I hang up my flannel, I inhale the wonderful aromas, which are soothing, uplifting and energizing.

With love, Kim
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Written by Kim Hutchison, Friday April 17th, 2015