Uniting our Cellular & Solar System Patterns of Reality

The new human consciousness is brought into healing through a new understanding of how our solar system is designed to enhance the healing capabilities of our soul's 12 Expressions. This is how healing actually works.
Part 1. What is the Healing Key?

The Healing Key is the energy symbol of the new human consciousness. The new human consciousness is the energy, and its subsequent physical presence, of all that was made available for us to incarnate, to integrate, in December 2012.

The patterning of energy movement within our cells is directly aligned to that of our solar (soul-ar) system - in fact the reason that we experience life in this particular solar system is because our cells resonate with this solar system's energy patterning. In other words, different beings exist in different solar systems because their patterning matches. We cannot live, we cannot exist, we cannot experience life, in a solar (soular) system that does not match (and therefore support life experience of), our energy patterning.

So, when we consciously align with, or become aware of, this mutual support energy patterning system, all our cells are brought into their most powerful, and thus healing, vibration and pattern of movement. And it works both ways, just as our soular system exists to support our healing, so do we exist to support the healing of our soular system and by extension all the planets within it. This is how we heal our beautiful planet Earth, and how our beautiful planet Earth heals us.

The Healing Key is an energetic 'device', present in each of our cells, even in our 'diseased' or rapidly replicating ('cancerous') cells. As with all keys, the Healing Key can be activated, or awakened, at will. It cannot be turned off or on, for the Healing Key is a signifier of the presence here of your soul having a given life experience. So, if you exist then so does the Healing Key within you, even if you are not aware of it!

The Healing Key is a gift, a gift of the power of the energy of our soular system, for us to open into our healing power, and for us to open into the healing power of the planets within our soular system. Further Articles in this series will expand, step by step, the detail of our most powerful access to healing, the Healing Key. (You can also experience your Healing Key awakening at a Healing Key Retreat - please use Contact form to request information on this)

The Healing Key is, at the same time, both very complex and truly simple. Some of the realities actually present in our soular system, and therefore present in us, in our bodies, may be somewhat challenging to an orthodox presentation of the sciences.

The Healing Key 'contains' the resonance of the original healing intention of each planet. The resonance is the essential essence, the sourinam (soul) of each planet's energy, of the energy of its creation. The resonance of each planet is present in each of our cells, it's the energy of our cells vibration and pattern of movement. Consciously communing, or connecting, with the resonance of each planet is what makes this resonance present in its most healing cellular pattern of movement (vibration) within us.

Each of the planets orbits the sun in an elliptical pattern of movement, bringing with it the constant opportunity to re-awaken, to re-fresh any aspect of our Self that is not in tune with this healing pattern of movement (your Love Pattern of Reality). We step out of this healing pattern of resonance when our thoughts, and thus our actions, overturn our soul's promptings, our soul's desires. We step into this healing pattern of resonance when we become aware of, and act upon, our soul's promptings. It is actually very common for all of us, no matter how aware we feel we might be, to step in and out of our soul's pattern of resonance (our Love Pattern of Reality (see How To Live As Your Soul) many times throughout the day. Of course, as you become aware of the full breadth of your healing capabilities, it becomes much easier to make a healing choice!

The next article in this series will discuss the original healing intention of each of the planets of our soular system.

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Written by Kim Hutchison, Monday April 6th, 2015