This new diagnostic approach guides the growth, development and healing
of the new human consciousness.
And reveals a profound understanding of your
Healing Embodiment's inherent strengths, characteristics and life healing opportunities, and shows you the most effective foods, natural remedies
and healing methods for your particular Healing Embodiment.
Part 1. What are the Healing Embodiments?

Over the two decades that I have been engaged in the arts of love and healing, one question has always persisted. How can I show another the art of prescribing? How is it possible to pass on the art of reading the energy of an individual to ascertain the best possible remedies and from which healing disciplines? (Please note that my definition of remedies here includes food, body movement, activities - anything that creates an experience of joy and health - often the same thing).

Not all of us have been gifted with the art of 'hearing', 'seeing', 'knowing' the precise energy nature of, and therefore the remedy for, each and every individual. And with such a plethora of options available for all of us who desire to improve and sustain our health and healing, the accrued benefits of being able to pass on the instinctive, intuitive understanding of an individual body's desires and requirements is pretty much a no 'brainer!'

Coupled with this was my underStanding that the energy of the New Human Form (which became available for us all at the end of 2012 see Article The 12 Relationships of Your Soul) also required a more effective underStanding and a deeper source of knowledge, to establish, expand and maintain optimum healing for our New Human Form.

Your greatest act of healing is to know, see, feel, sense how much you are loved by the all and everything.

To create optimum healing, the healing cycle of; Receive, Release, Renew and Restore must be integrated. The cells that require healing must be able to open, absorb and respond (rather than ignore, rebuff and react - re-enact) to the healing properties of any given remedy. In the same way that some people don't like and feel well on certain foods, our own particular healing requirements vary, and what works for one does not necessarily work for another.

Fortunately, Mother Nature is magnificent and the universe infinitely loving, so not only do we have many different healing approaches (therapies), we also have a variety of remedies from which to choose. However, which one to choose? Which remedies from which approaches are going to work best for you?

So, which of The Four Healing Embodiments is your beautiful body aligned with? Although you may well find aspects of your persona in more than one Embodiment, there will be one Embodiment that rings more true than the others. Aspects of the other 3 Embodiments tend to come from societal and parental expectations and conditioning.

Remember, allow your Self to be drawn to the Embodiment that you actually are, rather than the one you feel you ought to be, or want to be. Part of the job of growing up is to shake your Self loose from any aspects of the 3 other Embodiments that you may have inadvertently acquired. Freeing your Self to step into your true Embodiment releases you into your most powerful, serene, joyful and naturally healing physical presence.

Each of the Embodiments has its own expression of internal, external and personal power, described as:
Soft, Reactive, Affirmative, Fast.

Soft is the foundation stone. This Embodiment is designed to establish the foundation for the support of creative action.

Reactive creates propulsion. Reactive is designed to put the creative expression, supported by Soft's foundation, into action.

Affirmative creates the completion of the action. Affirmative is designed to carry Reactive's action forward to the finishing line.

Fast initiates the creation for Soft's foundation to support, and refines, perfects the action completed by Affirmative.

Think of this as a continuously flowing relay race, each team member handing over the baton of creation for each member to add their skills and talents, and so creating a whole, greater than the sum of its parts. And as Fast has two actions, the moment a creation cycle is completed, another begins: Fast initiates the creation, Soft supports it, Reactive propels it and Affirmative completes it. Then Fast steps back in again to perfect, to refine the creation, and then initiates the next creation. In this way each creation can become its optimum potential. The Four healing Embodiments have co-operated with each other to co-create with the cosmos.

When we work with each other like this, when we understand and accept our contributing role in the whole (as it were!), then our egos (our need to control) are left behind and we create in Four Form, the energy form in which the cosmos creates.

That's not to say, of course, that we cannot create and complete on our own. Many of us can and do. However, we have been designed to create, to be here, to live cooperatively (this is the 'Dawning of the Age of Aquarius' and all that!). And when we choose to jettison our egos (our control mechanisms), apart from the enormous relief at no longer having to pretend to be something we are not, we actually create for ourselves an infinitely greater experience of healing, of joy, of life lived fully.

Why? How?

Because not only are we creating, and thus experiencing, Four Form Creation (co-creation with all the power of the cosmos), we are experiencing ourselves as all the power of the cosmos. We experience ourselves as who we really are. This is the state of healing, of joy, of love, of our Love Pattern of Reality (see How To Live As Your Soul). And the Four Healing Embodiments are the 'Cunning Plan' we and the cosmos have co-created to keep us all in co-creation, with each other, with the cosmos. So not only do you individually reap the extensive benefits from choosing to be of your Healing Embodiment, so does everyone and everything else!

The subsequent articles in this series will cover the detail of the Four Healing Embodiments, including:

The optimum expressions - what each Embodiment is at its best,
The support expressions - what each Embodiment requires,
The styles of repression
The styles of expression
The Paramitas (a Sanskrit word meaning the 'bridge across', i.e, to bring into balance)
The Gifts inherent within each Embodiment
The styles of Healing Remedies best suited to each Embodiment
The spiritual expressions.

Love is what you are made from, why fight it?

For now, I'd like to discuss a little about the Four Healing Embodiments' non-healing expression of ego - particularly as co-operation and therefore co-creation are going to be out of the reach of all who are in thrall to their ego!

Your Healing Embodiment has been chosen by you to assist you in seeing and experiencing your Self as something so much more than the confines conferred by your ego. Being of your ego is to be in your head, to be in your unfiltered mind, to be in your non-love Pattern of Reality. If you are in your head, you are therefore separated from the wisdom of your body, and so from the power of your Healing Embodiment, and of course from the power of the universe.

Separation does not mean disconnection - if you are disconnected then you have ceased to exist! Existence can only be experienced in connection. You are connected to the all and everything, you are the all and everything. You cannot be disconnected from that which you are. (see How To Live As Your Soul)

Separation means to be separated from the power of the all, of the cosmos. And when we are separated we experience ourselves as being in a state of need. In which, of course, we are! We are experiencing the need to re-join, to re-experience ourselves as one with the all, as our power. However, our unfiltered mind, our head, our ego interprets this as being in a state of neediness, as a state of thinking that we need something or someone, or some experience. And so we begin to attempt to control circumstances, or outcomes, or others.

Each Embodiment has its own default ego expression. Understanding this helps our Self awareness, helps us to know, to identify when we are out of the wisdom of our body, when we are separated from the knowing of our Healing Embodiment. And, assists us to enter into a relationship with our Self. Entering into a relationship with your Self, means that whenever something happens, your first port of call is to your Self. You look to see where, what and how your part is played. This is true power, because as you own your own part so you no longer need any other to acknowledge theirs. You have stepped out of your neediness (ego) and back into your power of co-creation (your real Self).

These default positions indicate your likely source of the behaviours you adopt when you are out of balance (healing). A very powerfully healing gift to give to your Self is; to reflect, to look back and see where and how you have been behaving, how you have been acting out of your Healing Embodiment's expression of ego.

Soft - Inner expression of ego. That is: they will blame others for what they are experiencing and find uncomfortable, but inwardly and often unconsciously, they will blame themselves.

Reactive - Wholly outer expression of ego. That is: they find it very difficult to take personal responsibility for anything that they find uncomfortable, and so often seek to project the entire responsibility onto another.

Affirmative - Outer expression of ego. That is: outwardly they will take responsibility for their experience, for what is happening and enjoy their feelings of their own magnanimity, as well as the acknowledgement of such that they receive from others. Inwardly, and often unconsciously, they blame others.

Fast - Wholly inner expression of ego. That is: whatever and to whomever something uncomfortable happens they will take responsibility for it. Inwardly they also blame themselves and find it difficult to recognise the responsibilities that others have had .

There is no blame and shame here remember - that's just another ego game. You are love. You are loved so very profoundly by the cosmos, by the all and everything, The only purpose to expanding your awareness of your Self is to bring your Self back into the healing, the joy, the love that you already are. This is your greatest gift to us all, for the energy generated and created by you as you do this is what heals us all, is what heals this world, this Earth. And this is what the Four Healing Embodiments will help you to do.

With much love,


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Written by Kim Hutchison, Friday April 10th, 2015