The 4 Ages are the 'standardised' periods of growth that
we are all given in which to expand our awareness,
expand our consciousness into that of our soul's,
as gently and lovingly as we choose.

Obviously the word choice here is rather loaded! - As our choice is somewhat spectacularly diminished if we don't know what our choices are! This series is designed to help you to remember the choices you actually have and will therefore also help you to relinquish at least some aspects of the
control mechanisms, that you may or may not be aware of,
that you are exerting over your life.
Remember: control = restriction, taking charge = expansion.
Part 1. Soul Purpose

In order to take charge of our lives we need knowledge (as distinct from 'information'). Taking charge is what the cosmos is encouraging us to do. Yet all too often we confuse taking charge with controlling. Just reflect for a moment on one aspect of your life that you are (in least at part) trying to control. How does that feel in your body?

Now reflect on how you would feel if you had the knowledge, the UnderStanding that what you were experiencing was not only 'normal', it was pretty essential for your growth, for your love, for your soul. Notice how you are able to release controlling the outcome and receive wisdom and guidance from the cosmos.
Now how do you feel in your body? Isn't it much easier to give up the entirely ludicrous notion that you actually have any control and start to feel more like you can be? This is taking charge and is (a part) of what power is. And a part of the power of Soul Remembrance is to give you the power of taking charge of the 4 Ages of your soul.

Your soul's journey begins on this Earth, from the moment of inception, that is from the moment you agreed, you chose, to enter into this dimension of experience (this planet). At this 'time' you chose your body type, shape, physiognomy, DNA, parents, siblings and ancestral lines, your experiences, your gifts and your intentions and 'missions'.

When I took myself into a profound state of meditation, my remembrance of this 'time' of 'selection' is of entering from the silence of pure presence into a fantastically noisy and busy gathering place, filled with thousands of souls adopting the elements of their chosen human form and experiences.

At one point I was standing with the souls as human forms of my parents and being given a last minute opportunity to bale as we recognised the (extremely challenging!) challenges ahead.

This is the moment of inception, the moment when you commit to being here in the 'package' you have chosen and, sometimes, have also been 'commissioned' to contribute to and for.

The moment of conception is known at the point of inception and, along with your birth time and place, is arranged to harness the energy and potential outcomes of this planets solar system to assist you in your chosen Earth's journey. (The science and art of the various forms of astrology are often helpful in our remembrance of that which our souls have come here to experience).

Whilst the foetus is growing and developing inside the womb, its soul can spend a little or a lot of its time outside of the foetus to explore and create circumstances and connections with others already present in human form. This is something I experienced even more of when engaged in healing with pregnant mothers.

This travelling of our soul's energy before birth allows us to prepare for our eventual arrival and also, I feel, helps us to get used to the parameters of our physical body - which must feel pretty confining compared to our hitherto experience of being all at once everywhere and nowhere! (see How To Live As Your Soul)

The oft given advice by parents to new (and sometimes very surprised), parents that old adage of a new baby bringing with it all that it needs, is a truism borne (unintentional pun) of the reality that often the new baby's soul has been very busy indeed setting up those precise circumstances!

Once outside of the womb the soul can no longer travel outside of the body in such a complete way, as the body system of the Mother is no longer present to sustain the baby whilst the soul is off on its travels. Plus, of course, imagine how freaked out the parents would be if they witnessed this!

Birthing is the start point for the soul to experience another (human) form, distinct from (but not disconnected from) the soul. Birthing is the period of separation from the energy source from which you came - that is separation from not dis-connection from. This process of separation occurs so that a profound healing energy can be created, by the soul, through the lifetime of the human form for all the cosmos to benefit from.

In every lifetime we choose and are accorded gifts, privileges (known as 'rites of Passage'), and opportunities (often presented as challenges), through which this profound healing energy (love) can be released for the benefit of us all.

In every lifetime we choose and are accorded gifts, privileges (known as 'rites of Passage'), and opportunities (often presented as challenges), through which this profound healing energy (love) can be released for the benefit of us all. This is the process of soul remembrance. As we remember more and more of the love that we are and have originated from, so our non-love Pattern of Reality behaviours, become our Love Pattern of Reality presence.

Every time we consciously choose to be of our Love Pattern of Reality we create that love for the access of the all and everything to experience. We experience ourselves as the love that we are and so does everyone and everything else. These acts of remembrance (bringing ourselves back into our Love Pattern of Reality) can obviously only take place if we have 'forgotten' some part or parts of the Love that we are. The societies in which we live are the obvious end result of that 'forgetting'.

However, this is all part of the (cunning) plan! Imagine how much more powerful the effects of the energy of love are, when generated from non-love. This is the alchemy of turning lead into gold. Because, every time you choose to enter into your Love Pattern of Reality (existence, taking charge) from your non-love Pattern of Reality (non existence, controlling), you have quite literally created something from nothing. You have created existence from non-existence.

Our non-love Patterns of Reality are the grist for our spiritual mill. Every non-love Pattern of Reality is but a pearl of wisdom in hiding, to be revealed whenever you so choose. And every time you do so, the cosmos celebrates your remembrance of your love - not least because that love you have just created is experienced by the All and everything too!

To assist us in our soul remembrance, we are 'given' different gifts, privileges and opportunities according to our 'Age'. This helps us to remember our gifts, intentions and missions as we remember our love, as we remember our souls. And in this way too we play our part in another (huge) part of our purpose, that of bringing to an always adjusting healing resonance this part of our solar system.

There are 4 Ages ( 24-36, 36-48, 48-60, 60-returning home), and 2 Pre-Ages (Birth-12, and 12-24) of your Soul Remembrance.The following articles in this series will explore these Ages in detail, and how you can uncover your pearls of wisdom and joy and feel the closed fist of restriction open up into the powerful embrace of your expansion.

In other words, each Age presents its own opportunities and possibilities to become more and more of the gift of love that you are to us all by becoming more and more able to receive the gifts of love that you already are. And now you are taking charge, and so begin to Lead your life, you are Living As Your Soul

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Written by Kim Hutchison, Wednesday April 1st, 2015