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Part 2. Your Morning Healing Drink & The 4 Steps to Boost & Balance Your Body, Brain, Energy & Joy.

The travels and travails of my life have led me to enjoying and experimenting with my deeper knowledge of earthly as well as spiritual nurturing. This is what works.

Before we begin with this issue's selection, let's remember:

The 4 Golden Energies of Imbibing (eating, drinking & applying).
NB Correct Imbibing creates maximum assimilation

1. Whatever you put into and on to your body has its own energy. Connect with it, feel or sense or know or see it (see How To Get Back Into Your Body).

2. Acknowledge and appreciate the benefits, the gifts that this energy is offering to you. E.g., “Thank you for all your yumminess and benefits, I am most happily receiving all your gorgeous gifts."

3. Consciously receive these gifts and benefits into every cell of your being (see How To Get Back Into Your Body). Breathe into your belly as you eat, drink, apply.

4. Feel or sense or know or see the glory of your beautiful, magnificent body as you eat, drink, apply. As you increasingly receive and enjoy, any tightness and constriction will enter into openness and joy.

Drinking in Your Morning Healing

Upon arising it is always a wise and loving gift to give to your body the opportunity to Release, Receive, Renew & Restore. What better way to start your day can there be?

Whilst you’ve been sleeping, your body has been releasing toxins and other substances not required or desired by your body. Your liver, kidneys and gut have been busily communicating with themselves and the rest of your body to give you and your body the opportunity to begin your day refreshed and revitalised.

However, we often, without realising, choose to not benefit from the wonders that our body performs for us every night. We go to bed too late (at the least healing time), and eat our last meal of the day too late and often with food that our body finds the most difficult to digest.

Of course, parties and late night adventures are a joyous part of our life and, in balance, are a joyous part of our healing. All traditional healing practices tell us that for optimum healing while sleeping, we should eat, lightly, 4 hours before sleeping, and that we should be in bed by 10.00pm. However, until we’ve reached that state of balance within our lives, our bodies are not able to work their magic as effectively.

So what can we do to redress that balance and boost our cleansing and rejuvenation process every single day? What can we do to exponentially increase our natural healing capabilities, brain function, body strength, energy levels and capacity for joy?

Here is my 4 step morning programme to boost your body, brain, energy and joy.

Upon Arising:
1. Stretch your body gently from top to toe and smile!

2. Clean your teeth with a fluoride free toothpaste made from natural ingredients and scrape your tongue with a designed for purpose tongue cleaner.
Swish your mouth, teeth and gums with organic sesame oil for 5-15 minutes. (Coconut oil can be used for oil pulling (removal of toxins) if this suits your Healing Embodiment.

3. Drink a small cup of clean water (that has been taken off the boil) with a teaspoon or two of organic lime juice (preferably fresh, but bottled without chemical preservative can be used too).

4. Drink in your morning healing. As with all healing recipes, start small and build up to optimum levels. If you are already taking some or all of these ingredients then use the larger amounts:

Your Morning Healing Drink

- Where appropriate, choices are given for different Healing Embodiments *.
- As you know, organic ingredients always have more available healing properties.

Into a blender pour:
200mls of beetroot juice

(*celery or carrot. NB: Carrot can ONLY be used 2 or 3 times per week)

Add 100mls of pineapple juice
(*mango, apple or pear. NB: Never citrus or melon)

3-4 (or more, to taste) sprigs of mint leaves
(*parsley, coriander (cilantro). *Basil can also be used in half and half quantities. NB: Dried herbs are not for this recipe – you won’t get the enzymes or flavour and the bits will get stuck in your teeth!)

Half to two heaped teaspoons of bee pollen

Blend well

Then add:
1 teaspoon – 1 tablespoon of:
dried wheatgrass juice,
a clean greens mix
(I use Pukka’s see Resources)
Half to one heaped teaspoon of turmeric
1 – 3 tablespoons of hemp seed oil
(or your preferred omega oil mix.)
1 – 4 teaspoons of black seed (cumin) oil
100 mls of clean water

Blend well, pour, drink and enjoy. Feel your healing being liberated! This is a drink to be savoured rather than gulped. (If you have not been regularly taking omega oils then please always start with the smaller amounts listed and build up gradually).

It’s best to drink within 30 minutes of preparing it. And you’ll find that this is a perfect way to break the fast, and probably won’t feel hungry until lunchtime.

You can add more clean water to taste and ring the changes with different juices and herbs. If your digestion could do with more pep then add some freshly grated ginger root and / or bromelain powder – you can just open up the capsules. For a vitamin C pep I sometimes add a little maca powder (NB: not for everyday use). For an omega fats pep add 1-4 teaspoons of pre-soaked chia seeds (NB: must be pre-soaked otherwise they expand in your gut! And also not for everyday). A note here about omega fats/oils: I never use fish oil (omega 3), the mercury and other contaminant risk is just too high now. Whichever omega oil or mix you choose, please check to ensure it has a balance of omegas 3, 6 and 9.

Avoid ice cubes or freezing water or juices as this will suppress the release of your digestive enzymes. Room temperature is best (although opened juices stored in a moderately cooled fridge are obviously fine too), and this includes water. I store my glass bottled mineral water in a pull out drawer or cupboard to keep it out of bacteria multiplying light.

Benefits include the rejuvenation of your:
liver, kidneys, digestive system, heart, pancreas, skin, adrenals, reproductive system, muscles, sinews and joints, hair, bones and nails.

And the bringing into balance of your:
hormones, blood pressure, acid/alkaline status, blood sugar, inflammation status

And will seriously boost your:
metabolism, digestion, energy levels, brain function, consciousness

If your body has been very overloaded, you may notice a feeling of fatigue before you begin to feel rejuvenated and revitalised. This is because your detoxification organs have been given an opportunity to heal themselves and are able to release any build up of toxins. This will pass in a few days or less. And you can greatly assist and speed up this process by moving your body (dancing and walking and yoga are all excellent) and by drinking another 1 - 2 litres of clean water a day, and, of course, by avoiding the usual suspects or energy robbers, namely: refined/processed foods, sugar, alcohol and caffeine. Choosing to engage in an act of healing with your body when you are feeding it will soon produce a vastly expanded sense and experience of joy and serenity

If your body has less detoxification requirements then you may be surprised at the levels of boundless energy, clear headedness, insight and expanded conscious awareness you are experiencing. Not to mention improved flexibility, strength and looks! This is Living As Your Soul

With much love,

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Written by Kim Hutchison, Monday October 26th, 2015