Contained within your body is the source of all creation................

And yet, how often are you actually in your body & so taking charge of
your Self, your life & your joy? Getting out of your mind's control mechanisms
and into your body's creative power is the most effective gift of healing
you can give to your Self - and everyone else!.
Part 2. Finding Your Sentinel
& See This Issue's Audio Healing Meditation, 'The Healing Bowl Of your Heart' Below

Your Sentinel is your canary of consciousness singing out your body's desire to be heard.

Your Sentinel is your 'canary in the coalmine'. Your Sentinel is the part of your body that first calls for your attention, that first alerts you to an aspect of your Self that is manifesting imbalance.

Finding your Sentinel can be a very valuable, easy and simple way to begin to establish or to deepen your relationship with your greatest earthly supporter that is your body.

It is very common to assume that if you are experiencing pain or discomfort in, say, your gut, then that's because it is your gut that needs healing - and indeed sometimes this may be so. However, unless you are extremely consciously aware of your body, it is more likely that if, for example, your gut is your Sentinel, then the part of your body that is actually in most need of your attention is not that of your gut, but that of another part of your body, e.g., your heart.

Everything within our body is, of course, connected. Each organ's functions are directly connected to and in energy communication with other organs and parts of your body. So it is very easy, and very common, to mistake the source of your pain or discomfort as also being the source of your body's 'problem', as being that which requires being brought to healing.

This is why we sometimes experience a 'failure' of, or delay in healing, because we are addressing our attention to the part of our body that is in fact our Sentinel, rather than to the part of our body that is actually requiring our healing attention. This is also why we sometimes experience a remedy or remedies that have worked brilliantly in the past, now not being effective, or as so effective. And this is also why after many years of witnessing how our body reacts or responds to a given set of circumstances or experiences, we find that this reaction and response mechanism of our body has mysteriously completely changed.

So you can see how useful it is to understand which part of your body is your Sentinel, your own first action alert system!

Another wonderful outcome of finding and paying attention to your Sentinel is that it hugely and exponentially improves the nature of your relationship with your body. This all important healing relationship becomes more joyful as it becomes easier to respond more effectively to your body. You feel more confident, more powerful, more in charge of your Self and of your Life, because, well, you are!

Your Sentinel is nothing to do with DNA, family traits or inherited genes, per se. Your Sentinel is the part of you that is the easiest for you to hear. It is the first part of your body that you feel, or that goes sick when your body is asking for your attention or is offering you some wisdom, some help, some underStanding. So it is often the part of you that first manifests symptoms of a lack of wellness. E.g., some people 'always get colds' that go to the throat, or to the sinuses. Treating the sinuses seems perfectly logical. And yet if you are consistently experiencing sinus symptoms rather than subscribing this to a 'weakness' of your body, what if you understood that your sinuses were your Sentinel, that of your body's way of calling you to attention? And what if you heeded that call and explored into your body and saw, felt, sensed or knew the source of your sinus symptoms and then began to address that?

With the understanding that your sinus symptoms are in fact your Sentinel singing out to you, you are now free to explore and uncover the actual message that your body is trying to convey and so bring to healing the source of those sinus symptoms.


Allow your Self to breathe back into your body. It is necessary to be connected into and with your body (rather than being in your head) as you ask your Self these Healing Questions, so you may wish to refer to the guide in Part 1. of HOW TO GET BACK INTO YOUR BODY

Then write down the very first answers which come when you ask your Self:

1. Which part of my body is the first to 'go' when I am stressed, rundown, not been taking care of my Self? Which part of my body is always getting sick or upset?
2. What is the first feeling/sensation I have when my Sentinel is alerting me?
3. What are the physical symptoms that then present (become present)?
4. What or where is my body desiring to draw my attention to?

As an example, let's take 'Sarah'. Sarah's answers were:
(Q.1. Which part of my body is the first to 'go' when I am stressed, rundown, not been taking care of my Self? Which part of my body is always getting sick or upset?)
Answer: "My oesophagus, that's weird!"

(Q. 2. What is the first feeling/sensation I have when my Sentinel is alerting me?)
Answer: "I feel a bit sick, a bit 'nervous' in my gut."

(Q. 3. What are the physical symptoms that then present - become present?)
Answer: "Coughing, a sort of tickle at the back of my throat" - This is the Sentinel

(Q. 4. What or where is my body desiring to draw my attention to?)
Answer: "My teeth, Ow!! This tooth is really hurting now!" - This is the source of the imbalance, this is what Sarah's Sentinel was trying to bring her attention to.

Sarah subsequently went to the dentist who found a carie (cavity) at the base of the tooth that had suddenly begun to hurt when finding her Sentinel. Her dentist was very impressed as the carie site is impossible for Sarah herself to see when looking in the mirror! Sarah also now knows that more conscious breathing relieves her stress as this immediately relaxes her oesophagus and also alleviates her experience of nervous gut. And she has also stopped treating the tickly cough as an end in itself. She now gets back into her body and asks the cough (her Sentinel) to show her the source of this cough's manifestation

My suggestion is to always ask your Sentinel to show you, to reveal to you the source of your body's symptoms. Always ask your Sentinel to help your Self to hear, see, feel, or know the underlying cause of any symptom you may be experiencing.

Remember too, that as you become more and more connected with your body and become more and more engaged with your spontaneous healing mechanisms, then your Sentinel may change.

It is always an excellent idea to complete the healing exercise of How To Find Your Sentinel with a profound Healing Meditation such as the 'Opening Your Heart Healing Meditation' in the previous article of this series (see HOW TO GET BACK INTO YOUR BODY Part 1.) or with 'The Healing Bowl of Your Heart Meditation (below) to further strengthen your spontaneous healing mechanism.


This is the second of 16 lovingly gentle and powerfully healing meditations. Remember, meditation means to go to the centre, to the centre of you, and thus to the centre of all and everything. These Healing Meditations are, ideally practiced daily for 24 days. They will bring to healing your cellular vibration and thus the healing of your body and of your life. They will also help you feel and experience an increasing awareness of, and connection with your soul.

So, lie down, legs outstretched, get comfortable and try not to focus on your breath. Let your focus be on feeling your body, on connecting, being with your body.

Place both your hands, separated, on your belly, loosen buttons and zips if necessary, and just feel your body begin to connect with the floor, with the bed, with the sofa that you are lying upon.

Gently stroke your belly, and allow yourself to feel how much your belly loves you and desires to support you, to assist you in your connection with your power to love, with your power to heal, with the power of your body.

If tears come, let them flow and just breathe into them - your body is beginning to release all that no longer serves it or you.

Let your thoughts be, don't try and chase them away.
When you notice that you are thinking, that you are in your head, then just take your attention back to your belly, and feel your hands resting lovingly on your belly.

Inhale and exhale through your nose. (If you choose you can exhale through your mouth for the first few breaths to help release any tension. Although always inhale through your nose).

Relax into your connected breathing, and feel how good it feels to breathe like this. Notice your body relaxing and the tension leaving. Feel, really allow your Self to feel, how good your body feels.

Rest in your connected breathing for as long as you wish.

The Second Healing Meditation: This is designed to help you to really see what happens to you, to your body, to your energy when you attempt to restrict or control your love, when you attempt to restrict or control your connection with your love, with your love of, for and from everyone and everything. Obviously this Healing Meditation of Creation is to help you to cease your restriction and open you up to experience even more love, even more healing, even more joy!


Breathe into your heart centre. (Just behind your sternum)

Take as much time as you need to really feel, to become aware, to know that you are breathing into your heart centre.

Feel, sense, see or know a large open, very beautiful bowl forming in your heart centre, and let it rest there gently.
Breathe in this gentle awareness of your bowl.
And then just allow the bottom of your beautiful bowl to open. Whether your bowl is funnel shaped or more disc shaped, just allow the bottom of your bowl to be completely open.

Now, just let your Self see, feel sense or know, pouring into your bowl all the love that you are, all the love that the cosmos is and has for you and all the love that everyone else has for you. You might experience this energy as a golden light, another coloured light, as shimmering liquid, You might experience this energy as comforting warmth, as a feeling of peace or happiness or calm. Whatever your experience is, just breathe in this, just bask in this profoundly and beautifully healing experience of love, of love for you.

Allow this lovefull energy to flow through your entire being, let it flow into each and every one of your cells. See, feel, sense, know each and every one of your cells, each and every part of you becoming filled with this profoundly healing and beautiful energy of love.

Rest in this. Enjoy this.

Now place a disc or a cap at the bottom of your bowl to stop this energy from flowing down through the bowl. And just observe, just feel or sense or know what happens to the flow of this lovefull healing energy.

Allow your Self to become aware that as the energy is prevented from flowing through the bowl, the bowl begins to fill up and begins to spill over. Keep observing and allow your Self to see, sense, feel or know that gradually step by step, as this healing energy of love has nowhere to go so the flow begins to cease. The flow becomes smaller and smaller until it dries up. By controlling the flow of this energy through the placement of the cap or disc into the bottom of your bowl, you have created a cessation of the automatic generation of powerful, healing lovefull energy that flows into your body, into your being when it is received openly, without restriction, without correction, just openly and freely received. When we are not opening to receive then we are controlling and restricting. This is not healing, not lovefull and not powerful for you.

So let’s get back to what is. Now allow the disc or cap on the bottom of your bowl to gently slide off to one side and beyond your body. Notice how, as you do that the creation of this beautiful, powerful healing energy gradually begins to be generated and flow into you again.

Allow this energy into your being, into every part of your being, into every one of your cells. Rest in this. You may wish to leave your bowl in your heart centre, or you may wish to allow the bowl to merge into you, so that it is always there as a profound part and mechanism of your receiving.

Bask in this beautiful, powerful, healing energy for as long as you choose. And choose too whether to make a daily practice of connecting with the healing bowl of your heart and allowing the generation of profound healing energy, which is always there for you to create, to freely flow through you.

When you are ready, gradually open your eyes and bring your attention and your awareness to your beautiful Self.

With much love,


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Written by Kim Hutchison, Monday October 26th, 2015