Contained within your body is the source of all creation................

And yet, how often are you actually in your body & so taking charge of
your Self, your life & your joy? Getting out of your mind's control mechanisms
and into your body's creative power is the most effective gift of healing
you can give to your Self - and everyone else!.
Part 1. Every Breath You Take
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Not being in your body is like trying to drive your car whilst standing next to it. You're not going anywhere fast! You are without (outside of) your power.

Your body is the form through which your soul experiences and expresses its power, its healing and creative power here on this Earth. The energy of your body is constructed from the energy of the cosmos.

If you are not within your body, then you are out of your connection with your source and therefore, out of the power of your creation.

Being in and of your body is to be in and of the cosmos. If you are in and of the cosmos, then what is there that you cannot do, be, experience, create?

So, why are we not always in our body and how do we get back in?

Since we were very small, we have been 'taught' to get out of our body. We 'learn' that in order to fit in, to be accepted and acceptable we need to behave rather than simply to be.

We quickly pick up that being in our natural state of joy makes the 'grown ups' uncomfortable, unless being 'happy' is the prescribed acceptable emotional state of a given moment.

We begin to witness the adults around us being essentially untruthful about how and what they are experiencing and feeling, and so we 'learn' that emoting, rather than being, is what is required of us.

We observe that our natural state of serenity, our profound knowing that all is well and that we are safe, is not commonly shared, and so we learn that life is 'difficult', rather than one big glorious adventure.

We begin to adapt and adopt our breathing patterns to those of the anxious adults around us, and so we begin to shallow breathe, inflating our lungs rather than our bellies, and so disconnecting our selves from the source of our power, our body.

Contained within each of our bodies is the power of the cosmos. Each of our cells is a cosmos. we are biologically connected to every solar system, every galaxy, every dimension, every universe. For the energy of all this, is the energy from which our bodies, our human form has been made. (see How To Live as Your Soul & The 12 Relationships of Your Soul)

Breathing, real breathing (breathing into your belly), is the flow of the tides, the movement of the stars, the orbit of the planets. We can live for days without water, weeks without food, but only minutes without breath.

Every time we take a breath we are given the opportunity to reconnect with the all that is, with the entire cosmos. Every breath we take is an affirmation of our existence. Every breath we take is an affirmation of the energy of our unique expression of our existence.

And yet, so few of us are actually truly breathing at all. We survive on shallow breathing, the 'just enough to keep our bodies functioning'. But what of our souls, what of our connection to the all and everything? Without real breathing we are without a real experience of our existence. Sound a bit dramatic? Well, reflect for a moment. If we are existing without a consistent connection to our source, then we are experiencing our life as if it were a life raft, a life buoy, a tether in the raging ocean, rather than experiencing our life as the ocean! What a waste!

Our body is our connection to the all and everything, our body is formed from this energy. Breathing into our body renews and reinvigorates this connection, and keeps us lovingly connected with our souls. Breathing is connection. It is the first and foremost step to getting back into your body. And with practice, with the energy of your intention to really breathe, you will begin to feel more powerful, more in charge, more joyful. Your body will begin to become your first port of call, your haven, your beloved. How beautiful is that?

So, let's return to real breathing, to connected breathing, just as you so naturally did as a baby.
(If you wish you can print out this next section and leave it by your side to refer to. Referring to this as you Get back Into Your Body will only strengthen your experience. Or you could get a friend to read it out to you and take turns, or listen to the guided meditation below, or you could buy The 12 Healing Meditations CD/MP3 download.

Lie down, legs outstretched, get comfortable and try not to focus on your breath! We're going to take the focus off shallow breathing, so focusing on your breath will only serve to connect you with shallow breathing!

Place both your hands, separated, on your belly, loosen buttons and zips if necessary, and just feel your body begin to connect with the floor, bed, sofa that you are lying upon.
- If you're having less than loving thoughts about your belly - "it's too big, too flabby, too sticky outy" etc, then you can understand why you've been avoiding breathing into it! Societal expectations have us believing that bellies should be flat, smooth and generally unobtrusive. The belly is the area of your body that contains your ability to create life (this is true for men too). Why on earth should that be hidden, dismissed, criticised? Your belly is your creative powerhouse, honour it, adore it. Without it, you, your children and everyone else would not be in existence here on this earth!

Gently stroke your belly, and allow yourself to feel how much your belly loves you and desires to support you, to assist you in your connection with your power to love, with your power to heal, with the power of your body.

If tears come, let them flow and just breathe into them - your body is beginning to release all that no longer serves it or you.

Let your thoughts be, don't try and chase them away.
- When you notice that you are thinking, that you are in your head, then just take your attention back to your belly, and feel your hands resting lovingly on your belly.

Inhale and exhale through your nose (if you choose you can exhale through your mouth for the first few breaths to help release any tension. Although always inhale through your nose).

Take your attention to your hands on your belly and begin to allow your inhalation to inflate your belly, which will lift your hands. You won't need to force it, your body knows how and will be only too happy to be experiencing connected breathing.

Take as many goes as you need to allow your belly to inflate as you inhale. Feel your hands rise with each inhalation and fall with each exhalation. Avoid bringing the breath up into the lungs, all this achieves is the inflation of your chest cavity. If this is your first experience of connected breathing, then please know that it's very common to move in and out of inflating the belly back to inflating your lungs. You've been breathing like this for years so you can give yourself some time to reconnect with connected breathing!

Relax into your connected breathing, and feel how good it feels to breathe like this. Notice your body relaxing and the tension leaving. Feel, really allow your Self to feel, how good your body feels.

Rest in your connected breathing for as long as you wish.

Ask your body to bring to your attention when you are shallow breathing, so that you can choose to get back into your body with connected breathing . Set an intention to make a daily time to practice connected breathing to Get Back Into Your Body.

Gradually, with practice, you will naturally find yourself shallow breathing less and less and being in your body, more and more. You will find it so much easier to remain in connection with, in communion with your soul and with the all and everything of the cosmos. Enjoy your renewed healing and loving power!

Here is the first of 16 lovingly gentle and powerfully healing meditations. Meditation means to go to the centre, to the centre of you, and thus to the centre of all and everything. These Healing Meditations are, ideally, practiced daily for 24 days. They will bring to healing your cellular vibration and thus the healing of your body and of your life. They will also help you to feel and experience an increasing awareness of, and connection with your soul.

The First Healing Meditation: This is designed to help you to really open up to your connection with your body, with the all and everything.


Please read all the way through before beginning. If you wish you can print out this meditation and leave it by your side to refer to. Or you could get a friend to read it out to you and take turns, or you could buy the CD/MP3 download of The 12 Healing Meditations or listen here LINK.

Begin with connected breathing. Breathe into and through and out from your belly, feel your body begin to let go and open up. When you are ready, let your Self snuggle into your beautiful body, allow your Self to be present in your belly/womb, rest in this and when ready -

Breathe into your heart centre – just behind your sternum / breast bone. You don't need to 'know' how to do this, your body knows, so just trust your body and let your body breathe through your heart centre.

Rest in this and allow yourself to observe your breath moving through your heart centre. You may begin to notice yourself detaching from your body and/or becoming giant sized, or you may feel very still and peaceful. Whatever your experience just enjoy it (there is no need to hang on to it or track it), just allow yourself to fully experience your Self and your body as your breath moves through your heart centre and let yourself engage with and receive your expanded awareness.

Allow your heart centre to begin to open – it might only be a centimetre, it might open to beyond the walls of the room you are in, it might open to encompass the entire cosmos.

Keep breathing through your heart centre, and allow your heart centre to open some more – don't force it, if it stays at a centimetre, that's perfectly fine.

Rest in this for a few moments, or for a few minutes – you choose.

Continuing to breathe through your heart centre, just allow yourself to become aware of and feel all the love that the cosmos has for you. You are not going to try to feel anything else, nor are you going to try to feel the love that you have for anyone or anything else. You are just let letting yourself feel all the love that the cosmos, and everything in the cosmos, has for you, just for you, just for lovely, gorgeous you. Just let yourself feel all the love that the cosmos has for you.

Breathe that in, nice and gently, just breathe in all the love that the cosmos has for you. Rest in this for a few moments or a few minutes, you choose.

When you are ready, notice how, as you breathe in all the love that the cosmos has for you, you begin to feel that love enter into every aspect, into every part of your being.

Receive all this love that the cosmos has for you and just let your Self bask in this love.

When you are ready, open your eyes and step into your life with all the freedom and joy that comes from truly and profoundly knowing how truly and profoundly loved you are. Find a way to celebrate that joy – with a smile, a laugh, a touch, a word - embrace and expand your freedom and joy. Enjoy!

As you become more practiced in this, you can do it walking down the street, in the car, when you feel a possible confrontation arising, when you are not sure how to respond to a person or situation – anytime, anyplace, anywhere!

NB. If at any point throughout the meditation your mind starts to clamour for attention and even begins to critique your experience, you can just smile to yourself and recognise that your mind is perhaps unused to not being called upon and is wondering what to do, so just let your mind take a nice long, well deserved holiday. Let your mind go and rest on a beach, be by a lake, or sail down a river, and return your attention to breathing through your heart centre.

With much love,

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Written by Kim Hutchison, Friday May 22nd, 2015