Transforming the energy of opposition into the energy of creation is how we change unhelpful habits into healing ones.

The 8 Healing Responses show you your own most healing way to be of your body's power, rather than of your mind's control.
Part 1. Your Healing Response.

Here are the 8 Healing Responses and their Underline (underlying) Reactions. Embrace yours and you can use it as a key to enter into the healing power of your Body Mind. As you receive, as you accept your own Healing Response, you will begin to see that it is, and has been, a theme running throughout your life. And that many of your partners share your Healing Response, because, of course, it is the opportunity to bring into awareness, to bring into healing your shared Healing Response, that first drew you together. - This is also a big source of what we term as 'sexual attraction'. Hmmm. Not so hot now, is it!

Let's start at the beginning. What is a habit? Traditionally a habit is viewed as something you have learned and repeated so many times that it becomes an unconscious reaction to external or internal stimuli.

This is true when we look at the physical and physiological responses of the brain. But what actually controls the brain?

The brain is the organ that takes over the natural, the healing responses of our body and turns them into the reactions of our mind. In other words when we are not in or of our body, when we bypass the superior intelligence and awareness systems of our body, then the only place we get information from is our brain, our unfiltered mind. And as your unfiltered, your brain mind can only operate from the information stored as memory, then whatever you have experienced in your past will be driving your decisions. You are now, quite literally, living in your past, making, consciously or not, the same reaction (re-enaction) decisions over and over again.

Your mind is designed to act as a filter to respond to the healing responses of your body. However, we have been taught to use our mind in its unfiltered state, as a reaction, as a re-enaction mechanism.

The only way to get out of your past and into your healing is to go to the part of you that does not react, which is your body. Namely, accessing your body (filtered) mind to bypass your brain (unfiltered) mind.

We only have a mind because we are experiencing this physical plane, beyond which there is simply no need for a brain mind as thoughts do not exist beyond this dimension. The fastest, most effective way to get out of your brain mind, is to allow your Self to be with and in your body, which, of course knows how to access your body (filtered) mind to produce the most effective healing response to any given situation or experience. (see How To Get Back Into Your Body)

So a non-healing habit is actually a re-enaction of your past, a 'knee jerk reaction'. Just as muscle memory is actually a re-enaction of your past that comes from the brain mind. The reason that athletes for example, commonly have recurring injuries is because the underlying memory which prompted the 'accident' that caused the injury in the first place has not been addressed. So the body, the muscle is caught in a re-enaction of the past. Once this memory has been brought to healing then the body, the muscle is freed from the re-enaction of the past and can respond to healing.

Hopefully I've explained this well enough so that it is clear that a habit can be transformed into a healing response very simply, without needing to engage the brain (unfiltered) mind because you are using, accessing your body (filtered) mind, your natural healing. The gut is the point at which you need to access your body mind ('what's your gut reaction') because it is your gut that actually directs your brain. (see The 12 Relationships of Your Soul)

These decisions ultimately direct your actions. How many of us reach for a cream cake, wine, cigarette, or start shouting at, or switching off from someone when something unpleasant has happened? Just about everyone has their 'go to' panacea when our gut is informing our brain that something 'horrid' has happened. When we are in and of our body (filtered) mind , we recognise this impulse as a call to healing, that something has come up for healing, and so we can choose to respond (to re-spend our energy), and so bring the feeling into healing. (see Conversations With Your Body).

However, if you are not being with your body mind, the knee jerk reaction of your brain mind is to re-mind you of your panacea of choice, your non healing habit. Once you choose to use the information from your gut to take you into your body mind instead, you will always direct your Self and your actions to the most healing response for you in that moment. This healing response is called up from the memory of your soul, from your Love Pattern of Reality. (see How To Live as Your Soul)

At any moment you can choose to step out of your brain mind (your non-love Pattern of Reality), which is your control mechanism and into your body mind, which is your power mechanism. Remember, controlling can never produce healing as control is actually a mechanism for suppression, the suppression of a part of yourself, and thus a suppression of healing. This is why changing habits can be such a struggle, as all you're actually doing is fighting to suppress your suppression!

Your Power on the other hand is releasing. This is key. What is it that your body is wishing to release so that it can then regain, it can then remember more of its natural power?

So first, ask of every non-healing habit, "What am I releasing?" And just allow that to be present.
(This might take some time, or not. Remember, Time is only a mechanism we experience here on this earth to allow us to generate our healing energy, to generate our love). (see How to Live As Your Soul).
And then connect with this habit's healing response, "What is my healing response?".

Remember, every time your brain mind says 'you always do this', you can choose to engage with this reaction (re-enaction) and avoid healing, or you can choose to engage with your body mind and re-spend your energy in your body's healing response instead.

Let's say when you finish your work for the day you think to yourself, "I should really go for a walk, do some yoga, go to the gym" - fill in your own 'should'. And instead you have some wine, eat some chocolate, shout at your spouse - fill in your own 'letting off steam' panacea!

Choosing to get into your body mind would mean that you say to yourself, "What in this moment does my body require to regain its power?" Just trust the very first response and do that. Let's say the response is to go for a walk, just a short one perhaps before doing something else. You return buzzed with your body mind's release of endorphins and perhaps having had a new insight into why you're so pissed off with your partner, and instead of shouting at them you remember that what you would like to experience with them is more 'doing things together', and that you haven't actually mentioned this to them, or at least not in a way that isn't seeping with resentment!

So now you are no longer suppressing yourself (with cakes, wine and resentment), you're expressing yourself. You have accessed the healing power of your body mind and taken your power back from your control mechanism, your non healing habit.

At any moment you have the opportunity to be the Power of your Self, of your Healing Response, or of the control of your Underline Reaction, this is how you can transform unhelpful habits into healing ones.

We all have our own reaction / response mechanisms, from which our habits are derived. These assist us in generating our healing, in generating our love. Once you know yours you can use it to direct the questions you ask of your body mind and transform your controlling non healing reactions into your powerful healing responses.

The 8 Healing Responses

Within each of our cells is a 'residue' that looks a bit like a fine powder, of no particular colour (like sunlight and rain combining to produce the rainbow, it is at once no colour and all colours).

When you are engaged in your Healing Response, this substance arises and scatters throughout the cell, triggering a stillness, a restful awakeness, a weightless balance, as the cell is brought into its healing awareness. Your cells' healing awareness is quite literally the remembrance of its innate healing power, of its innate balancing mechanism. So, this 'powder' has now become a transporter, a communicator of this remembrance of how to heal itself.

When you are engaged in your non Healing Underline Reaction, this 'powder' remains inert within your cell.










We all experience patterns of behaviour adopted when we are under stress or pressure. Its all very easy to float around like an angel when things are going well. However, our healing choice arises when things are not going so well, when we feel pressured and stressed, which ultimately boils down to not feeling 'safe' and this is the point at which our habits and behaviours come out to play.

If these behaviours and habits render you into your power, into your healing and put you in charge of your Self, of your life, well then, leave well alone. And of course some of your behaviours and habits may well be classified by others as not being 'acceptable', but as that is obviously triggering their memories of feeling unsafe, we shall ignore those! The only thing of any import is how your behaviour, how your habit makes you feel, makes your body feel. Always, always get into your body (see How To Get Back Into Your Body) before you open your mouth - and before you put anything into your mouth! (see Conversations With Your Body).

Having looked at the 8 Healing Responses you've perhaps already experienced an unconscious connection with one of them. You may wish to re-confirm that connection, that choice, or perhaps, like me, you can see your behaviour in more than one of the Underline Reactions. This will be true, and well observed! However, any secondary Underline Reactions will just be what you go to when your principle Underline Reaction hasn't worked in controlling the situation or person.

To confirm or verify your individual Healing Response and its Underline Reaction, ask yourself:

1. What do you not like about/feel uncomfortable with your Self? (you may have had this 'thrown in your face as you were growing up). What do you wish you could not do when you're feeling stressed/pressured/uncomfortable?

Eg Telling a small lie, hiding what you really feel, shutting others down. Remember, the more real and honest you choose to be with your Self, the more healing is available for you to experience..

2. What do you find other people easily extending to you and / or withdrawing from you?

Eg Being deceived and not trusted, being crushed, unheard, unseen.

3. What behaviours do I act out when I feel unsafe, unwell or unhappy - if you think of an emotional state, remember, emotions are a non-reality (see How To Live As Your Soul), so ask your self how you behave when you are in this non-love state.

Eg The feeling state of when you are being the non-reality emotion 'angry' will most likely be the behaviour frustration, so ask your Self, 'What is this frustration born of?"

4. What do I effortlessly extend to others and myself when I am safe, well and happy?

Eg Trusting, Sensitivity, Compassion, Faith. Again, rather than getting caught up in how you like to think of yourself and how you think you should be, just allow your Self to imagine feeling safe, well and happy and walking into a roomful of people you don't know. Now just observe what are the qualities that you automatically extend to them. Write them all down and don't worry if you can't name these clearly. Just take your time to allow your Self to see patterns and commonalities. A detailed explanation, underStanding and how to bring to presence each of the 8 Healing Responses will be covered in subsequent issues.

If you feel you've identified your Healing Response, you can put it into practice like this:

Every time you become aware that you have stepped into your Underline Reaction and are behaving in your particular version of attempting to Control a situation or a person, or even yourself, take a breath and acknowledge your integrity, and general all round brilliance in giving to your Self the choice of becoming your Healing Power, your Healing Response.

And then breathe into your Healing Response and do or say or feel what your body is guiding you to do, say or be.

1. You become aware that you really, really want to tell a lie (Deceit Reaction) to prevent (Deceit Control) another from being upset in themselves, or cross with you.
2. Acknowledge your choice, good for you!
3. Ask yourself, 'What is it that I am not trusting (Trust Response) in or of myself, or the cosmos?'
Let's say the answer is that you are not Trusting that you are still loved, are always loved, even if this relationship/friendship will begin to change if you do not Deceive.
4. Now you have given to your Self a choice. Do you choose to be in the Power of your Healing Response or in the Control of your non-healing Underline Reaction?

As you choose to be of your Power of your Healing Response, you allow your Self to see, to know that you are giving to this friendship the opportunity to grow, to become more open and real and so more valuable to you. And you become aware that this friendship may be ready for healing resolution, for completion, so that another, perhaps more rewarding relationship/friendship can emerge.

At any moment you have the opportunity to be the Power of your Self, of your Healing Response, or in the control of your Underline Reaction, this is how you can transform unhelpful habits into healing ones. Imagine being able to recognise your underline Reaction when you felt triggered into your behaviour/habits. And imagine underStanding what your body was actually calling you to be, that of your Healing Response. How much easier would it then be to make another choice, to choose to be of your power instead?

And imagine being able to underStand which Healing Response and its Underline Reaction were of your lovers, children, friends, colleagues. How much easier would it then be to not take things personally and to be able to just let another be in their Reaction and gently, lovingly stand with them in your understanding of their Healing Response?

Once you know and practice being with and in your Healing Response, you, at the same time, begin to be able to recognise others in theirs, and all desire to fight, to jockey for position, to power grab, to make wrong, to pass judgement etc etc etc simply fades away. Behaviour is replaced with love, with your love for them, with your love for your gorgeous, beautiful, magnificent Self. You Have Helped Yourself to Healing.

In the coming Articles in this series we will go into the healing underStandings of each Healing Response and Underline Reaction.

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Written by Kim Hutchison, Tuesday June 16th, 2015