Addictions, Cravings & other Rebellions.
What is your body calling you to do, calling you to be?

Here's how to hear what your body is really saying to you, the Four Addiction Types, and how to serve them into their gifts of love and healing, and so receive their invitation to reclaim your spiritual power.
Part 1. The Spiritual Power of Addiction

Addictions are attachments, they are the physical representation of attachments (to one form of outcome or another) conjured by the unfiltered mind. That's not to say that there are not genetic precursors for this type of behaviour, it's just that our DNA is constantly informed by our memory, DNA is memory. (see The 12 Relationships of Your Soul) And just as it is perfectly possible to bring memory into healing so therefore it is perfectly possible to bring our DNA into healing.

However, before we all rush off and assume that our DNA is faulty in some way, what if we assumed that if our body has this 'predisposition', and that as we chose our body (and therefore its DNA), then there will be a gift, a gift of love, of healing wrapped up in this? What if this addiction was really an invitation extended by your body to you, to experience and accept your innate power?

We're not talking about Will Power here. Will Power (apart from sounding like it should be the name of a Super Hero!) is actually an attempt to control. And as control is a state of non-love, the cosmos doesn't recognise its existence, ergo, Will Power does not actually have any power. Our unfiltered mind might argue until the cows come home that it does, but hey, that's what unfiltered minds do - they argue, they control, they have no real power.

So, the first profound step to take back your power from your unfiltered mind's control is to have a Conversation with Your Body. Conversing, connecting, communing with your body will automatically take you into your body mind, your filtered mind. Your body mind is an unparalleled genius, and when you receive its brilliance you are using your mind in the way it has been so beautifully designed to be. Discerning best actions from truth and love is obviously more powerful than spinning around in the babble of emotions. We all know the blame and shame conversations that result from a 'lack' of Will Power.

It is also said that people in the grips of addiction have 'issues' with Delayed Gratification. The truth is that feeling unable to provide loving care to your Self, to your body is Delayed Gratification. You are delaying the gratifying experience of the pleasure of being in your Self, in your body, as all addictive substances and actions take you out of your connection with your Self, with your body.

And therein lies the key. We imbibe, we engage in addictive substances and actions because we have forgotten how to connect with our Self, our body. We tell ourselves that connecting with our body will be remembering some trauma or experience we want to forget. And yet it's the remaining out of connection with our Self, out of our connection with our body that is the trauma.

Removing your Self from your connection with your body whilst experiencing trauma of one kind or another is very understandable, however, healing can only occur when you choose to reconnect with your Self, your body. Avoiding your connection with your Self, with your body, means that you cannot receive the Gift of Healing inherent in this experience, and so as you remain outside of your connection with your Self, with your body, so you remain in a state of Delayed Gratification.

And the non-healing cycle continues to be further entrenched. As you remain out of connection with your Self and your body, you remain engaged with your unfiltered mind. And all the unfiltered mind can do is to interpret the energy messages from your body as a craving for whatever the substance or behaviour is that took you out of your connection with your Self, your body, and thus into your unfiltered mind, in the first place! Yikes!

Rather than trying to avoid the discomfort you are experiencing by using substances and behaviours to make you feel more comfortable with being uncomfortable, connecting and conversing with your body will reveal the real, the actual conversation your body is trying valiantly to have with you.

For example, we often label some cravings and addictions as such, when in fact, these cravings are your body's indicators and signals of allergies, or of what your body cannot process. The majority of Native Americans and Australian Aborigines have a gene marker that signifies an inability to metabolise alcohol. The tragedies wrought in these communities due to alcohol 'addiction' is well documented. However, perhaps if these were not labelled as addictions but understood as being of their true nature, as those of allergies, their treatment would be more effective.

It's also very common to effortlessly delude yourself into believing that a very strong urge to have something is a healing 'message' from your body - a sort of "Oh I feel a real need for salt, so I think I'll have that packet of crisps"!!

Whilst there is a lot of helpful information about how if we're craving salt/sugar/chocolate, the reason is a lack of a vitamin/mineral/dietary supplement etc, this is often only a surface remedy, and doesn't address the deeper reasons, empowering underStandings and spiritual power that your body is bursting to share with you. Clearly, addictive behaviours require deeper exploration.

Remember, addiction is really a craving for disconnection formed from an attachment (to a 'need'), that our unfiltered mind has asserted that we must have 'gratified'. And as all attachments, and their attendant addictions, are essentially a prevention of gratification, the first question someone wishing to move back into their connection with their body, and so into their Love Pattern of Reality, might like to ask of themselves is:
"What, in my heart, in my soul, do I desire to experience right in this moment?"
The structure of this question is very precise, because it expresses precisely the nature of the message that your body is trying to have a conversation with you about!

Just keep asking that question of your Self, of your body and make a note of the answers you receive. You are beginning to have a Conversation With Your Body, rather than trying to shut it up with substances and behaviours, so be gentle with your Self and have a look at How To Get Back Into Your Body if you would like some help in establishing, or extending a communication with your beautiful body.

And just let your Self sit with, just be with the answers you receive. Just allow the answers to be present within you. Further guidance will be presented in all the future articles in this series.

Remember, your body is always attempting to communicate with you, it just takes your intention to so do, and a little practice to reconnect with your body, your Love Pattern of Reality.

Also remember, that whatever the underlying reason(s) for an addictive substance / behaviour, there are many gifts of knowledge, awareness, underStanding, power and love awaiting you.

There are four principal addiction types, named for their principal gifts to the world:

Compassionate Leader - 'tastes' are predominately Sweet, which includes sugar, alcohol, carbohydrates, meat, 'normal' Marijuana, tobacco
Rock of Support - 'tastes' are predominately Salt/Sour, which includes salt, cheese, heroin, tobacco
Calming and Comforting - 'tastes' are predominately Bitter/Astringent, which includes caffeine, coffee, cocaine, tobacco
Standing Up in Service - 'tastes' are predominately Pungent, which includes spicy food, Acid (LSD), tobacco, very high levels of TCP Marijuana.

You'll notice is how ubiquitous Tobacco is. Tobacco really is an equal opportunities craving/addiction!
In the follow up articles in this series, we will explore, explain and expand each of the addiction types in detail.
- the personality traits,
- the behaviour patterns,
- the underlying reasons for avoiding connection,
- what it is that your body is actually calling upon you to do, to be,
- the innate personal qualities,
- the key healing messages.

Once you have received the healing message(s), the Gift(s) of love inherent for you within the addictive substances/behaviour, (your non-love Pattern of Reality), you put your Self back in your power and free your Self up to make a choice of how you choose to behave, what you choose to ingest. You begin to become your Love Pattern of Reality.

If you really knew how much you are loved, what would you do, what would you be?

There are no 'good' or 'bad' substances or behaviour - the cosmos most certainly does not recognise these concepts of convention, for there is only love, You are simply giving back to your Self your power of choice:
The choice to experience love, or not.
The choice to experience your Self as love, or not.
The choice to experience the love that the cosmos has for you, or not.

There is no right or wrong behaviour, there is no right or wrong choice, there is only whatever you have chosen to experience in this lifetime. And whatever you have chosen to experience will bring you, one way or another, into the arms of the love that you are, into the arms of the love that the cosmos has for you.

In fact, my experience and my underStanding show me that the most beautiful, the most powerful energy is created by us as we move out of our non-love Pattern of Reality into our Love Pattern of Reality - (the biblical phrase, 'blessed are those who have sinned' sums up this truth).

Within our addictive behaviours/substances are immense spiritual power, for these are simply other methods, other ways in which the magnificent presence of our soul can be so beautifully received by us.

You are loved and beloved by the all and everything, you are the love of the all and everything,

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Written by Kim Hutchison, Wednesday June 24th, 2015